My husband, Jordan, and I have known each other since we were babies...literally. We met in church nursery when we were almost 2 years old. What started as best friends and turned into more in our middle and high school years...I'll spare you the details of those awkward kids.

After years of dating and waiting we got married on December 8th, 2012. I feel so lucky to be married to this man and to live the life we have together. 

Meet daniellE

Meet daniellE


Jordan and I live in Leesburg, VA and he works as a Student Pastor at Leesburg Community Church. When we're not working we like to go for walks, play on the playground with our kids, watch movies, and find the best places to eat in Northern Virginia. 

Some of our favorite restaurants are The Wine Kitchen, Parrando's, and Shoes Cup & Cork. I am always down for a good smoothie bowl, birria taco, or slice of margherita pizza too. 

We also love to listen to our favorite music with includes oldies like Billy Joel (my husband's personal favorite), 2000's rock (our middle and high school years), and anyone with a singer-songwriter vibe like Noah Kahan. 


After experiencing struggles with infertility, and a miscarriage, we finally had our rainbow baby, Maggie. She was born in 2018 and then were so blessed to have the next two so soon after. Isaac was born in January 2020 (right before the world fell apart) and Olivia was born in July 2021 (I think she really is considered a "Covid Baby"). 

Life with these 3 is anything but boring and they keep us on our toes. But we wouldn't have it any other way. We love this wild and crazy life and we are so grateful for these lives that God has entrusted to us. 

The crazy 3

A look at our life

I never knew that I would become a wedding photographer. My biggest passion has always been music and photography was always just a side hobby that I enjoyed.

For several years I was a Music Director at a church in New Hampshire and when we started trying to have kids I decided to buy a nicer camera and learn to take decent photos so I could take good photos of my future kids. Little did I know it would grow into what I love to do today.

After doing a lot of sessions for family and friends and a couple of free weddings my business TOOK OFF. I never expected it and it was such a blessing for us in the stage of life we were in.


it wasn't what I expected


After starting my business in New Hampshire and growing into a full-time job, my husband got a job offer in Virginia and we moved to Leesburg in 2021. It was a big change but it was absolutely what was right for our family and where God was leading us. 

Now I am a Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer and am photographing some of the most beautiful and iconic places in the United States. What felt scary and unknown has become a gift and I am so thankful for the couples I get to work with now.


also the unexpected

Now, let's learn more about YOU!

Before we go too far let's talk about budget. Here's more info on my pricing for this year.