I get it. The budget conversation can be scary and it seems crazy to hand over this much money to a photographer you've actually never met before. But the craziest thing about your wedding photos is it's the only thing you really get to take away from your wedding day. The guests leave, the flowers get thrown away, your wedding dress gets put in a box in the attic, and the one thing you actually get to look at are your wedding photos! 

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life and you don't want to entrust those special moments to someone inexperienced or who doesn't really get to know you. If you don't believe in anything I've just said it's okay to look for another photographer. But if you agree with what I am saying then keep reading on...

let's talk about the budget


Whether you are looking for a photographer to capture every moment of your wedding weekend OR you simply want a 2-hour elopement...all of my collections are customizable to fit your needs. 



Sneaking away with your favorite person and promising forever? Whether you are jumping over to a court house and want some special pictures of the day you officially got married or you're doing a small ceremony in your backyard,
I am here for it!

Whether you are having a 50 person or a 250 person wedding, I have photographed over a hundred  weddings and each one is unique and beautiful. If you want a photographer who is dedicated to making your wedding day your LITERAL best day ever then that's what I want to do for you.

You finally have all of your favorite people together for one long weekend and you want every big moment captured? That's where The Weekender comes in. From your rehearsal dinner or welcome party to your Sunday brunch or next day portraits, The Weekender is there to capture it all!


Unless we're talking a sick board game or a round of mini golf

I understand that your time is precious and in this planning process you are looking at a million different things, including photographers. I don't want you to feel like you've been played. I want to be honest and transparent about who I am, what I offer, and what it costs. And if that means we can't work together, that's okay.

But I hope we can!